Undergraduate Program in Physics

Undergraduate Program in Physics of UI aims to shape graduates with strong physics background and special skill in one of special field, who are needed either directly to pave career in goods and services industry, or to pursue higher degree in physics or other related field. These specialities, despite having different focus, share the same fundamental standard of curriculum. For undergraduate degree, the curriculum refers to national curriculum of bachelor of physics, which has been established by Directorate General of Higher Education in 1995. Because of the reason, qualifications of the graduates of Department of Physics are not differentiated by their specializations, except the deep knowledge of certain field based on each specialization. Every graduate will acquire same degree, Sarjana Sains (S.Si. equal to B. Sc.) of Physics.

Program Learning Outcome (PLO)
  1. Applying classical and modern Physics concepts in general physics problems.
  2. Applying mathematical methods to solve Physics problems analytically and computationally.
  3. Applying the concepts of one of the following fields of Physics or Applied Physics:
    1. Theoretical Nuclear-particle Physics and Astrophysics
    2. Material Physics
    3. Condensed Matter Physics
    4. Systems & Instrumentations of Physics
    5. Medical Physics & Biophysics
  4. Formulating problems and solving Physics and its application, as well as interdisciplinary problems related to science and mathematics clusters critically, creatively, and innovatively.
  5. Explaining the basic principles of experiments, applying the measurement methods of Physics, and able to analyze the results correctly.
  6. Summarizing the basic knowledge in science and technology.
  7. Applying the knowledge of Physics in community and practical life, as well as identifying and adapting to new things.
  8. Developing and deepening the knowledge gained in the bachelor degree program in a sustainable manner, and being able to continue to the master’s and doctoral education levels.
  9. Practicing attitudes, leadership, and managerial skills that support success at work and in participating in community activities
  10. Having the knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia and English as well as utilizing information technology (IT) in the field of Physics, science and technology
  11. Solving simple scientific problems and presenting them orally and in writing.
Teaching Instructional Design (BRP) of Curriculum 2020
Teaching Instructional Design (BRP) of Curriculum 2016

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