Undergraduate Program in Physics

Undergraduate Program in Physics of UI aims to shape graduates with strong physics background and special skill in one of special field, who are needed either directly to pave career in goods and services industry, or to pursue higher degree in physics or other related field. These specialities, despite having different focus, share the same fundamental standard of curriculum. For undergraduate degree, the curriculum refers to national curriculum of bachelor of physics, which has been established by Directorate General of Higher Education in 1995. Because of the reason, qualifications of the graduates of Department of Physics are not differentiated by their specializations, except the deep knowledge of certain field based on each specialization. Every graduate will acquire same degree, Sarjana Sains (S.Si. equal to B. Sc.) of Physics.

Condensed Matter Physics
This specialization focuses on the competence in modeling and calculating and/or synthesizing, characterizing, and analyzing the electric, magnetic, and optical properties of crystalline, amorphous, or liquid systems
Produces competent graduates in the Geophysical Exploration (Data Acquisition, Processing, Analysis and Data Interconnection) which is based on strengthening aspects of Basic Concepts of Geosciences, Numerical Computing and Field Direct Applications in Oil and Gas Exploration, Geothermal, Coal and Minerals. Graduates of this specialization have the competence in the field: Geology, Numerical Computing (Matlab, Fortran, etc.), Geoelectric and Electromagnetic Methods, Gravity Methods, Geomagnetic Methods, Seismic Methods, Geophysical Instrumentation, Petroleum Exploration, Geothermal Exploration and Geophysics Mining.
Expected Learning Outcome (ELO)
  1. To formulate general physics problems and solutions.
  2. To apply basic concepts of physics in solving general physics problems.
  3. To apply concepts of one of the following field of physics and applied physics:
    1. Theoretical Nuclear & Particle Physics
    2. Materials Physics
    3. Condensed Matter Physics
    4. InstrumentationPhysics
    5. Medical Physics & Biophysics
  4. To disseminate results of scientific works.
  5. To build insight of current development of science and technology related to physics.
  6. To apply the knowledge of physics in the community and in everyday life.
  7. To learn and to adapt to new things.
  8. To have attitude and skill supporting success in work as well as in taking part in the community activities.
Teaching Instructional Design (BRP)

Fisika Matematika 1 (IND / ENG)

Fisika matematika 2

Fisika Matematika 3

Fisika Modern

Fisika Statistik

Getaran dan Gelombang

Medan Elektromagnetik 1

Fisika Dasar

Fisika Dasar – Mekanika dan Panas (IND / ENG)

Fisika Dasar – Listrik Magnet 

Mekanika Klasik


Elektronika 1

Elektronika 2


To produce graduates who are competent in the geophysical exploration (data acquisition, processing and data interpretation), which is based on strong basic concepts of geoscience, numerical computation and direct application in the field of oil and gas, geothermal, coal and minerals.

Laboratory Works

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