Departement Chairman

Djati Handoko, Ph. D.

Message from the Department Chairman

To conduct educational activities in Physics and its applications to produce graduates with strong background and understanding in Physics in general as well as in one of the following five concentrations: Theoretical Nuclear & Particle Physics, Material Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, System & Instrumentation Physics, and Medical Physics & Biophysics; who are capable to develop career in industries as well as to pursue their higher degree education in Physics and related fields.

Chairpersons of the Study Programs

Chairman of Physics Undergraduate Program

Anawati, Ph. D.

Chairman of Physics Graduate Program

M. Aziz Majidi, Ph.D.

Chairwoman of Materials Science Graduate Program

Vivi Fauzia, Dr.

Chairpersons of the Research Specialization

Theoretical Nuclear and Particles Physics

Anto Sulaksono, Prof. Dr.

Materials Physics

Azwar Manaf, Dr.

Condensed Matter Physics

Rosari Saleh, Prof. Dr. rer.nat.

Systems and Instrumentation Physics

Sastra Kusuma Wijaya, Ph.D.

Medical Physics & Biophysics

Supriyanto Ardjo Pawiro, Ph.D


Dr. M. Syamsu Rosid

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