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To become a center of excellence of education in physics and its applications along with to produce the graduates with strong background of physics, the Department of Physics concentrates on six specializations: Theoretical Nuclear & Particle Physics, Materials Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Instrumentation Physics, Geophysics, and Medical Physics & Biophysics


Center of Physics Research

The Department of Physics is also a center of pure and applied physics researches. Besides contributing to the body of knowledge through publications in prestigious reputed journals and conference proceedings, the Department’s faculties also produce a number of intellectual property rights, such as copyright and patents, which are required by industries.


Join Our Public Outreach

Public outreach is important to our Department since it allows us to explain the goals of our education and research activities to wider audience. Furthermore, through this activity we can also directly disseminate the result of our researches, educate people nationwide, as well as gain the feedback and public supports.


Attend Our Seminars

The Department of Physics of UI hosts regular seminars every Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm at the Main Seminar Room.



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Join The Alumni Group

By joining the alumni group you are connected to the most recent developments of our department and most recent news about our alumni. Furthermore, joining the alumni group also means strengthening our department.

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