Dr. Dedi Suyanto

Brief Profile

Dedi Suyanto is a staff member at the Department of Physics, University of Indonesia. He was born in Cimahi on August 4, 1955 and has become a senior lecturer in the field of condensed mater physics. He obtained his Ph.D. from University of Cincinnati with the title of  dissertation  “Emission Mossbauer Spectroscopic Studies of R(2) Cuprate with R = Gadolinium, Neodymium, Samarium”. He had served as the chairman of the Graduate School of Physics.

Selected Publications:

[See publication in Scopus]

  1. Jha, S., Youssif, M.I., Suyanto, D., Julian, G.M., Dunlap, R.A., Cheong, S.-W., 57Fe emission Mossbauer spectroscopy study of single crystal La2CuO4-y, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 3, 3807-3812 (1991).
  2. Jha, S., Suyanto, D., Hogg, R., Julian, G.M., Dunlap, R.A., Cheong, S.-W., Fisk, Z., Thompson, J.D., Mössbauer study of magnetic ordering in57Co-doped Eu2CuO4 and Gd2CuO4Hyperfine Interactions 61, 1143-1146 (1990).
  3. Jha, S., Suyanto, D., Yehia, S., Julian, G.M., Dunlap, R.A., Lahamer, A., Cheong, S.-W., Fisk, Z., Thompson, J.D., Mössbauer studies of57Co-doped layered perovskitesHyperfine Interactions 55, 1323-1326 (1990).
  4. Jha, S., Suyanto, D., Mitros, C., Stroink, G., Stadnik, Z.M., Dunlap, R.A., Julian, G.M., An57Fe Mössbauer effect study of the high Tc superconductor GdBa2Cu3O7-yHyperfine Interactions 55, 1317-1321 (1990).

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