Prof. Dr. Vivi Fauzia

I am a professor of material sciences at the Physics Department of the University of Indonesia

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  • ResearcherID: S-1008-2017
  • ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4593-4662
Research Interest
Current Research Projects (2022-2025)​

Nanomaterials provide unique mechanical, electrical, and optical properties and have played an important role in recent advances in energy-related applications. This research group works on the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials with novel optical, thermal and electrical functionality. General topics of interest include:

  • Photovoltaics & Photodetectors
  • Photoelectrochemical solar energy conversion & Photocatalysis
  • Optical and electrical Sensors
  • Photothermal for solar steam evaporation
  • Noble metal bimetallic nanostructures with high-energy facets for photocatalysis application
  • Graphene oxides and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) for photothermal and photoelectrochemical application
  • Two-dimensional TMDs-based heterostructures for photodetectors and RH sensors
Current and Former Students​
Selected Publications
  1. AR Fareza, L Roza, FAA Nugroho, V Fauzia, Modulating light absorption and charge recombination in photoelectrochemical water oxidation with spin-coated MoS2 co-catalyst on ZnO nanorods, Surfaces and Interfaces 37, 102663 (2023).
  2. RT Ginting, H Abdullah, DA Barus, V Fauzia, Extremely high-efficiency solar steam generation, robust and scalable photothermal evaporator based on ZIF-67@ MXene/rGO decorated rock wool, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11 (10), 5296-5308 (2023).
  3. MASA Fahri, NS Rohizat, A Yudiana, V Fauzia, MIMA Khudus, R Zakaria, Nonlinear optical response of zinc oxide nanorods with gold and silver alloy embedment, Physica B: Condensed Matter 637, 413899 (2023).
  4. Retno Yunilawati, Windri Handayani, Eva Oktarina, Cuk Imawan, Dwinna Rahmi, Aminah Umar, Vivi Fauzia, Antibacterial sachet from the β-Cyclodextrin/lemongrass oil inclusion complex for shrimp freshness, International Food Science + Tehnology (2023).
  5. A. Syampurwadi, I. Primadona, V. Fauzia, Facile photochemical reduction synthesis of bimetallic Au and Pd nanoparticles on ZnO nanorods for improved photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue, : Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 13 (2), 025013 (2022).
  6. A. R. Fareza, F. A. A.  Nugroho, V. Fauzia, One-Step Coating of a ZnS Nanoparticle/MoS2 Nanosheet Composite on Supported ZnO Nanorods as Anodes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting, ACS Applied Nano Materials (2022).
  7. A. Y. A. Al-She’irey, M. Y. A. Rahman, M. I. A. Umar, I. Sugihartono, V. Fauzia, Effect of potassium precursor concentration on the performance of perovskite-sensitized solar cells, Bulletin of Materials Science 45 (2), 1-9 (2022).
  8. R. T. Ginting, H. Abdullah, V. Fauzia, Facile preparation of MXene and protonated-g-C3N4 on natural latex foam for highly efficient solar steam generation, Materials Letters 313, 131779 (2022).
  9. A. R. Fareza, F. A. A. Nugroho, F. F. Abdi, and V. Fauzia, Nanoscale metal oxides–2D materials heterostructures for photoelectrochemical water splitting—a review, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2022).
  10. M. A. S. A. Fahri, N. S. Rohizat, A. Yudiana, V. Fauzia, M. I. M. A. Khudus, R. Zakaria, Nonlinear optical response of zinc oxide nanorods with gold and silver alloy embedment, Physica B: Condensed Matter 637, 413899 (2022).
  11. R. T. Ginting, H. Abdullah, V. Fauzia, Facile preparation of MXene and protonated-g-C3N4 on natural latex foam for highly efficient solar steam generation, Materials Letters 313, 131779 (2022).
  12. T. Kristiantoro, Dedi, V. Fauzia, The influence of Dy concentration on the thermoelectric properties of n-type Dy-doped Bi2Te3 pellets prepared by hydrothermal and carbon burial sintering, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 158, 110241 (2021).
  13. M. A. Ramli, E. R. Mawarnis, M. I. A. Umar, M. Y. Abd Rahman, V. Fauzia, M. Nurdin, A. A. Umar, Charge transfer uplift in dye-sensitized solar cells using fibrous nanocrystals of platinum-based bimetallic counter electrodes, Surfaces and Interfaces 26, 101311 (2021).
  14. V. Fauzia, A. Yudiana, Y. Yulizar, M. A. Dwiputra, L. Roza, I. Soegihartono, The impact of the Au/Ag ratio on the photocatalytic activity of bimetallic alloy AuAg nanoparticle-decorated ZnO nanorods under UV irradiation, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 154, 110038 (2021).
  15. A. E. Putri, L. Roza, S. Budi, A. A. Umar, and V. Fauzia, Tuning the photocatalytic activity of nanocomposite ZnO nanorods by shape-controlling the bimetallic AuAg nanoparticles, Applied Surface Science 536, 147847 (2021).
  16. V. Putritama, V. Fauzia, and A. Supangat, The effect of the layer number of MoS2 nanosheets on the photocatalytic efficiency of ZnO/MoS2, Surfaces and Interfaces 21, 100745 (2020).
  17. L. Roza, V. Fauzia, M.Y.A. Rahman, I. Isnaeni, and P.A. Putro, ZnO nanorods decorated with carbon nanodots and its metal doping as efficient photocatalyst for degradation of methyl blue solution, Optical Materials 109, 110360 (2020).
  18. R.S. Mohar, I. Sugihartono, V. Fauzia, A.A. Umar, Dependence of optical properties of Mg-doped ZnO nanorods on Al dopant, Surfaces and Interfaces 19, 100518 (2020)
  19. M.A. Dwiputra, F. Fadhila, C. Imawan, V. Fauzia, The enhanced performance of capacitive-type humidity sensors based on ZnO nanorods/WS2 nanosheets heterostructure, Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 310, 127810 (2020)
  20. L. Roza, Y. Febrianti, S. Iwan, V. Fauzia, The role of cobalt doping on the photocatalytic activity enhancement of ZnO nanorods under UV light irradiation, Surfaces and Interfaces 18, 100435 (2020)
  21. A. Listyarini, W. Handayani, V. Fauzia, C. Imawan, Active starch/pva composite films containing syzygium oleana for ammonia vapor colorimetric indicators, Materials Science Forum 990, 318-324 (2020)
  22. M. Arifin, L. Roza, V. Fauzia, Bayberry-like Pt nanoparticle decorated ZnO nanorods for the photocatalytic application, Results in Physics 2019 (in press).
  23. V. Fauzia, R. Karmelia, L. Roza and M. A. E. Hafizah, Gold mesocauliflowers as catalyst for the hydrogenation of acetone to isopropanol, Material Research Express 6, 084002 (2019).
  24.  A EkaPutri, V. Fauzia and L. Roza, Effect of Au nanoparticles and Au mesostars on the photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanorods, Material Research Express 6, 084008 (2019).
  25. T. Mahardika, N. A. Putri, A. E. Putri, V. Fauzia, L. Roza, I. Sugihartono, and Y. Herbani, Rapid and low temperature synthesis of Ag nanoparticles on the ZnO nanorods for photocatalytic activity improvement, Results in Physics 13, 102209  (2019).
  26. L. Roza, V. Fauzia, M. Y. A. Rahman, Tailoring the active surface sites of ZnO nanorods on the glass substrate for photocatalytic activity enhancement, Surfaces and Interfaces 15, 117-124 (2019).
  27. V. Fauzia, D. Irmavianti, L. Roza, M. Ayu, E. Hafizah, C. Imawan, A. A. Umar, Bimetallic AuAg sharp-branch mesoflowers as catalyst for hydrogenation of acetone, Materials Chemistry and Physics 225, 443-450 (2019).
  28. R. Andika, F. Aziz, Z. Ahmad, M. Doris, V. Fauzia, T. M. Bawazeer, N. Alsenany, M. S. Alsoufi, A. Supangat, Organic nanostructure sensing layer developed by AAO template for the application in humidity sensors, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 30, 2382–2388 (2019).
  29. N. A. Putri, V. Fauzia, S. Iwan, L. Roza, A. A. Umar, S. Budi, Mn-doping-induced photocatalytic activity enhancement of ZnO nanorods prepared on glass substratesApplied Surface Science 439, 285–297 (2018).
  30. V. Fauzia, Nurlely, C. Imawan, N.M.M.S. Narayani, A.E. Putri, A localized surface plasmon resonance enhanced dye-based biosensor for formaldehyde detectionSensors and Actuators B: Chemical 257, 1128-1133 (2018).
  31. V. Fauzia, M.N. Yusnidar, L. H. Lalasari, A. Subhan, A. A. Umar, High figure of merit transparent conducting Sb-doped SnO2 thin films prepared via ultrasonic spray pyrolysisJournal of Alloys and Compounds 720, 79-85 (2017).
  32. V. Fauzia, A. A. Umar, M. M. Salleh, M. Yahaya, Effect of Gold Nanoparticles Density Grown Directly on the Surface on the Performance of Organic Solar CellCurrent Nanoscience
 9, 187 – 191 (2013).
  33. V. Fauzia, A. A. Umar, M. M. Salleh, M. Yahaya, The Thermal Annealing Effect on The Morphology of Inkjet Printed Polymer: Fullerene Composites Solar CellsActa Physica Polonica A 121, 155-158 (2012).
  34. V. Fauzia, A. A. Umar, M. M. Salleh, M. Yahaya, The effect of donor: acceptor ratio on the generated photocurrent of inkjet printed blended  poly (3-octylthiophene-2.5-diyl) and (6,6)-phenyl C71 butyric acid methyl ester bulk heterojunction organic solar cellsMaterials Science Forum 663-665, 823-827 (2011).
  35. V. Fauzia, A. A. Umar, M. M. Salleh, M. Yahaya, The effect of solvent on the morphology of inkjet printed active layer of bulk heterojunction solar cells,   Adv. Nat. Sci.: Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 2, 015014 (2011).

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