Seno Aji, Ph.D


Seno Aji, Ph.D.

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Finding a new magnetic skyrmion-hosting material, Topological spin textures and magnon bands, Magnetic and transport phenomena, Novel superconductors, and Quantum magnetism in low dimensional and frustrated magnet.

  1. Computational Physics:

    • Mean Field analysis
    • Diagonalization method
    • Monte Carlo simulation for large degree of freedom of classical spins system
    • Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation and Langevin dynamics to study non-equilibrium spin dynamics at zero and finite temperatures
    • Spin-wave analysis for magnetic skyrmion lattice system
    • Analytical calculation for chiral spins model
    • Programming language for numerical method: Fortran, Python, Julia
    • Plotting program: gnuplot, xmgrace

    Experimental Physics:

    • Polycrystalline sample using Arc- and RF (induction furnace) melting method
    • Single crystal growth using Bridgmann Furnace
    • X-ray powder diffraction experiment
    • 4-circle X-ray diffraction for single crystal
    • Laue diffraction experiment
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy and Electron Dispersive X-ray for the crystal composition analysis
    • Magnetization measurement using superconducting-quantum interference-device (SQUID) magnetometer (Quantum Design MPMS-XL5)
    • Elastic and inelastic neutron scattering experiments:
    • Cold neutron triple axis spectrometer at SIKA, ANSTO, Australia
    • Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) at QUOKKA, ANSTO, Australia
    • Cold neutron triple-axis spectrometer at CTAX, ORNL, USA
    • Polarized and unpolarized neutron scattering at PONTA (5G), JRR-3, Japan
    • High-resolution chopper spectrometer experiment at HRC (BL12), J-PARC, Japan
    • MIEZE-type neutron spin echo experiment at VIN ROSE (BL06), J-PARC, Japan

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