Prof. Dr. Terry Mart

I am a professor of physics and member of the teaching and research staff at the Departemen Fisika FMIPA, Universitas Indonesia. I have written a number of technical scientific papers, essay and descriptive articles in magazines, as well as opinion in the local newspaper. Scroll down for more details.

Scientific and Professional Career
Research interests
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  • 1988    Drs, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
  • 1990    Assistant Lecturer, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
  • 1996    Dr. rer.nat., Universität Mainz, Germany
  • 2005    Lecturer, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
  • 2011    Professor, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
  • 2012    Member of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences
  • 2015 Chairman of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences Professorial Board
  • Kaon Photoproduction
  • Kaon Electroproduction
  • Electromagnetic and hadronic form factors
  • Photo- and electroproduction of hypernuclei
  • Hadronic structures
  • Neutron stars
With my former students in 2018
  • Lukmananda Evan Lubis (Doctor)
  • Akbar Azzi (Doctor)
  • Hendri Irwandi (Doctor)
  • Ria A Munir (Master)
  • Nabilah Hana Luthfiyah (Undergraduate)
  1. Sakinah: Photoproduction K+Lambda in a Multipole Approach (S.Si.), Low Energy Theorem for kaon photoproduction at thereshold (M.Si.)
  2. Mujirin: Pure Spin-5/2 Propagator in Kaon Photoproduction (M.Si.)
  3. Benecditus Bayu Respati: Kaon Electroproduction with Multipole Approach in Lambda Channel (S.Si.)
  4. Samson Clymton: Kaon Photoproduction off Proton by Including up to Spin-9/2 Nucleon Resonances and Spin-3/2 Hyperon Resonances (M.Si.), Kaon Photoproduction with Spin 5/2 Nucleon Resonances (S.Si.)
  5. Jason Kristiano: Pure Spin-3/2 Representation and Its Application in Particle Physics (S.Si.)
  6. Adnan Isnain: Spin-5/2 Hyperon Resonance in Kaon Photoproduction (S.Si.)
  7. Wowo Diergo Suciawo: Hyperon Resonance in Kaon Photoproduction at u-Channel (S.Si.)
  8. Ahmad RusliPhotoproduction of K+Lambda and K0Lambda from Threshold up to 2 GeV (S.Si.)
  9. VeryantaKaon Photoproduction with Energy Up to 5.5 GeV (S.Si.)
  10. Nizar Septian: Measurement of D*+ Meson Production Versus Charged-Particle Multiplicity at Proton-proton Collisions at Center of Mass Energy 13 TeV (M.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. Suharyo Sumowidagdo]
  11. Rinda Parya Putri: Discrimination between the Final State of ttH and ttbb using Neural Network (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. Suharyo Sumowidagdo]
  12. Handaru Putera PratamaDiscrimination between the Final State of ttH and ttA using Neural Network (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. Suharyo Sumowidagdo]
  13. Ahmad Ja’far Arifi: Kaon Photoproduction with 3/2 Spin Nucleon Resonances (S.Si.)
  14. M. Jauhar KholiliInvestigation of the Nucleon Resonance in Elementary Kaon Photoproduction (S.Si.)
  15. Anggun Komala Sari: Effects of the Hadronic Form Factors in Kaon Photoproduction off the Nucleon (S.Si.)
  16. Nurhadiansyah: Role of Hyperon Resonances in Kaon Photoproduction off the Nucleon (S.Si.)
  17. Davit Sipayung: Nonlinear Dynamics of Secondary Protein Folding under the Influence of Abelian Magnetic Field (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  18. Bundi Eko Wijaya: Neutrino Mass After Symmetry Breaking GUT SU(6) Dimension-5 (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  19. Eunike Fera: Viscous QGP within QCD Fluid with Broken Gauge Symmetry (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  20. Moch Januar: Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Secondary Protein Folding (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  21. Raditya Utama: Equation of State of the Early Universe in a Relativistic QGP Fluid Model (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  22. Yulia C. W.: Modeling of the Micro and Macro Bending of Fiber Optics (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  23. Ika Ikrima: Superconducting Cosmic Strings (S.Si.)  [Joint supervision with Dr. Handhika S. Ramadhan]
  24. Lila Syukurilla: Hadronic Form Factors in Kaon Photoproduction (M.Si.)
  25. Sinta Latifah: Boson Star at Finite Temperature (M.Si.) [Joint supervision with Prof. Dr. Anto Sulaksono]
  26. SupartiEffects of the Nucleon Radius Variation on the Equation of State of Neutron Star (M.Si.) [Joint supervision with Prof. Dr. Anto Sulaksono]
  27. Tiara Marsainy: Bayesian Analysis for Kaon Photoproduction (M.Si.)
  28. Sidik Rubadi Pramudito: Calculation of the Differential Cross Section of the Sigma-Hyperon Production from Electron-Neutron Scattering (M.Si.)
  29. Helendra: Electroproduction of Lambda Hyperon (M.Si.)
  30. Nofirwan: Kaon Electroproduction on Nucleon with Spin 3/2 and 5/2 Resonances (M.Si.)
  31. Ardy Mustofa: Symmetry Breaking through HIggs Mechanism in SU(6) GUT (M.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  32. Nowo Riveli: Confinement-deconfinement phase transition of the SU(2) pure gauge system at finite temperature (M.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  33. Faozan: Transport energy mechanism in the protein (M.Si.)
  34. Tjong Po DjunViscosities of Quark Gluon Plasma (Dr.)
  35. Andy Octavian Latief: The Curvatures of Gradient Kahler-Ricci Solitons on the Complex Plane (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Prof. Dr. Bobby Eka Gunara]
  36. Chrisna S. N.: Plasma matter distribution in the compact star (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  37. M. Khalid Nurdin: Early Universe within Fluid QCD (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  38. Muhandis: Symmetry Breaking with Extra Dimension (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  39. Andrias Fajarudin: Abelian and non-abelian magnetofluid dynamics with lagrangian gauge (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  40. Andhika Oxalion: Calculation of the Physical Observables in the Relativistic Fluid Dynamics Using Lattice Gauge Theory (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. L. T. Handoko]
  41. Mifthanzi Ariana Sarashanti: BPS Domain Wall in Field Theory (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. Handhika Ramadhan]
  42. Dona Abrini: Kaon Photoproduction on Hyperon (M.Si.)
  43. Mohammad H Haikal: Fluctuation Correlation of Currency Exchange South East Asian Countries (S.Si.)
  44. Toto Aminoto: Statistical properties of the Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur stock exchange indices (M.Si.)
  45. Suharyo Sumowidagdo (S.Si. and M.Si.)
  46. Handhika S. Ramadhan (S.Si.) [Joint supervision with Dr. H. J. Wospakrik]
  47. Agus Salam (M.Si.)
  48. ..and many more…
  1. Suharyo Sumowidagdo, Indonesian Institute of Science (Senior Scientist)
  2. Tan Wijaya, IBM (President Director of IBM Indonesia)
Edited Books and Proceedings
APFBC 2008
MPLA 2009
AIP CP 2018
AIP CP 2019
AIP CP 2020
Contributions to other Conferences
Selected Publications
  1. T. Mart, Coupled K+Λ and K0Λ photoproduction off the nucleon: effects of the recent CLAS and MAMI data and the N(1680)P11 narrow state, Physical Review D 100, 056008 (2019).
  2. T. Mart, Addendum to predicting the K0Λ photoproduction observables by using the multipoles approach, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 2019, 069101 (2019).
  3. T. Mart, J. Kristiano, and S. Clymton, Pure spin-3/2 representation with consistent interactions, Physical Review C 100, 035207 (2019).
  4. T. Mart and M. J. Kholili, Partial wave analysis for KΣ photoproduction on the nucleon valid from threshold up to W = 2.8 GeV, Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 46, 105112 (2019).
  5. S.Sakinah, S.Clymton and T. Mart, Some Phenomenological Aspects of Kaon Photoproduction in the Extreme Kinematics, Acta Physica Polonica B 50, 1389-1408  (2019).
  6. T. Mart and A. Rusli, Predicting K0 photoproduction observables by using the multipole approachProgress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 2017, 123D04 (2017).
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  8. S. Clymton and T. Mart, Isobar model for kaon photoproduction with spin-7/2 and -9/2 nucleon resonancesPhysical Review D 96, 054004 (2017).
  9. T. Mart and S. Sakinah, Multipoles model for K+Λ photoproduction on the nucleon reexaminedPhysical Review C 95, 045205 (2017).
  10. Suparti, A. Sulaksono and T. Mart, Influence of the nucleon radius on the properties of slowly rotating neutron starsPhysical Review C 95, 045806 (2017).
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  16. S. Latifah, A. Sulaksono, and T. Mart, Boson star at finite temperaturePhysical Review D 90, 127501 (2014).
  17. T.C. Jude et al, K+Λ and K+Σ photoproduction with fine center-of-mass energy resolution, Physics Letters B 735, 112-118 (2014).
  18. T. Mart, Constraining the mass and width of the N*(1685) resonancePhysical Review D 88, 057501 (2013).
  19. T. Mart, Coupling strength of the N*(1535)S11 to the K+Λ channelPhysical Review C 87, 042201 (2013) [Rapid Communication].
  20. T. Mart and A. Sulaksono, Reply to the Comment on Nonidentical protonsPhysical Review C 88, 059802 (2013).
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  25. T. Mart and M. J. Kholili, Origin of the second peak in the cross section of the KΛ photoproductionPhysical Review C 86, 022201 (2012) [Rapid Communication].
  26. T. Mart, Evidence for the narrow state at 1650 MeV in the photoproduction of KΛPhysical Review D 83, 094015 (2011).
  27. T. Mart, Photo- and electroproduction of the K0Λ near threshold and effects of the K0 electromagnetic form factorPhysical Review C 83, 048203 (2011).
  28. B.I.S. van der Ventel, T. Mart, H.F. Lu, H.L. Yadav and G.C. Hillhouse, Electromagnetic production of hypernucleiAnnals of Physics 326, 1085-1106 (2011).
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