Lukmanda Evan Lubis, M.Si.

Selected publication:

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  1. L. E. Lubis, R. A. Basith, I. Hariyati, D. Ryangga, T. Mart, H. Bosmans, D. S. Soejoko, Novel phantom for performance evaluation of contrast-enhanced 3D rotational angiography, Physica Medica 90, 91-98 (2021).
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  15. L.E. Lubis, W.P. Taruno, and D.S. Soejoko, Effects of electric field AC frequency on contact dermatitis lesion regression: a preliminary study, in Abstr. 2011 South East Asian Congr. Med. Phys. (SEACOMP 2011) (2012), pp. 365–387.
  16. D.S. Soejoko and L.E. Lubis, How to Enhance Development of Medical Physics in Indonesia, in Eng. Phys. Sci. Med. Conf. (Gold Coast, 2012).

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