Efta Yudiarsah, Ph.D.

Brief Profile

Efta Yudiarsah, Ph.D. was born in Pagar Jati, South Sumatera, on 16 April 1972. He obtained his BS (1997) and MS (2000) degrees in physics from the University of Indonesia Department of Physics. He was selected to participate in the Diploma Programme on Condensed Matter Physics held by The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Phyicis (ICTP), in Trieste, Italy (2001-2002). He earned his PhD degree from the Department of Physics of Ohio University in 2008, with the dissertation entitled Charge Transport through Molecules: Structural and Dynamical Effects.

Research Interest:

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics: Transport Properties of Molecules. Vibrational Effect on the Transport Properties of Molecules. Spin Transport. Magnetic and Semiconductor Materials. Nonlinear Dynamics.


Undergraduate Courses: MPKT, General Physics, Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Modern Physics, Statistical Physics, Advance laboratory.

Graduate Courses: Condensed Matter Physics, Selected Topics in Condensed Matter Physics.

Student Research Advising:

Previous Student:

Daniel Kurnia Suhendro, The Effect of Phonons on Charge Transport in DNA Double Helix(undergraduate thesis, completed in November 2009, shared advisory with Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rosari Saleh)

Selected Publications:

[See Publication in Scopus]

  1. Daniel Kurnia Suhendro, Efta Yudiarsah, Rosari Saleh, Effect of phonons and backbone disorder on electronic transport in DNA, Physica B 405, 4806-11 (2010).
  2. Horacio Castellini, Efta Yudiarsah, Lilia Romanelli, and Hilda A. Cerdeira, Coupled Chaotic Oscillators and their relation to Artificial Quadrupeds Central Pattern Generator, Pramana: Journal of Physics 64, 525-534, 2005.

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