Dr. sc. hum. Dwi Seno K. Sihono


Selected Publications

  • L Streb, F Stieler, D Sihono, J Fleckenstein, I Kalisch, D Buergy, M Ehmann, F Lohr, J Boda-Heggemann, L Vogel. “Surface Tracking or Ultrasound-Comparison of Methods for intrafractional Monitoring in SBRT of Upper Abdominal Organs with Breath Holding” STRAHLENTHERAPIE UND ONKOLOGIE 197 (SUPPL 1), S176-S177.
  • Judit Boda-Heggemann, Dwi Seno Kuncoro Sihono, Lara Streb, Lena Mertens, Lena Vogel, Florian Stieler, Frederik Wenz, Frank A Giordano, Iris Kalisch, Frank Lohr, Jens Fleckenstein. “Ultrasound-based repositioning and real-time monitoring for abdominal SBRT in DIBH” Physica Medica 65, 46-52
  • DSK Sihono, L Streb, L Mertens, I Kalish, J Fleckenstein, F Lohr, J Boda-Heggemann. “Ultrasound-based monitoring and quantification of intrafraction motion during beam delivery of DIBH-liver SBRT” STRAHLENTHERAPIE UND ONKOLOGIE 195, S99-S99
  • Lena Vogel, Dwi Seno Kuncoro Sihono, Christel Weiss, Frank Lohr, Florian Stieler, Hansjörg Wertz, Sandra von Swietochowski, Anna Simeonova-Chergou, Frederik Wenz, Manuel Blessing, Judit Boda-Heggemann. “Intra-breath-hold residual motion of image-guided DIBH liver-SBRT: an estimation by ultrasound-based monitoring correlated with diaphragm position in CBCT” Radiotherapy and Oncology 129 (3), 441-448
  • L Vogel, DSK Sihono, C Weiß, F Lohr, F Stieler, H Wertz, S von Swietochowski, AO Simeonova-Chergou, F Wenz, M Blessing, J Boda-Heggemann. “Intrafraction Residual Error of Image-Guided Dibh Liver-SBRT: An Estimation By Ultrasound-Based Tracking Correlated with Diaphragm Position in CBCT” International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 102 (3), S206

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