Prof. Dr. Djarwani S. Soejoko

Brief profile

Prof. Djarwani S. Soejoko is one of the few senior faculties in the Department of Physics, University of Indonesia. She was born in Salatiga on June 16., 1945.  She received her bachelor and master degrees from the University of Indonesia in the field of physics of materials. She obtained her Ph.D. in the field of biophysics from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), with the dissertation titled “A study on the composition and structure of mineral compounds in the cuticle of macrobrachium rosenbergii and penaeus monodon and their evolutions during the moulting period”.

Prof. Djarwani S. Soejoko is still active in research and teaching as well as tutoring the students in the field of medical physics. She has published a number of publications in her field in the national and international journals. She is the founder of the Medical Physics Physics divison in the Department of Physics. For her service and dedication she has been awarded with the “Satya Lencana Karya 30 Years”.

Selected Publications

[See publication in Scopus]

  1. Pratiwi, N. G., W. Ardiatna, S. A. Pawiro, K. T. Wigati, D. S. Soejoko The optimization of radiation protection to interventional cardiologistsJournal of Physics: Conference Series 1434, (2020) .
  2. L. E. Lubis, L. A. Craig, H. Bosmans, D. S. Soejoko, Task-based phantom evaluation of cardiac catheterization imaging modesPhysica Medica 46, 114–123 (2018).
  3. K.T. Wigati, L. Cockmartin, N. Marshall, D.S. Soejoko, and H. Bosmans, Towards a Phantom for Multimodality Performance Evaluation of Breast Imaging: A 3D Structured Phantom with Simulated Lesions Tested for 2D Digital MammographyLecture Notes in Computer Science 9699, 243-253 (2016).
  4. W. H. Round , S. Jafari, T. Kron, H. A. Azhari, S. Chhom, Y. Hu, G. F. Mauldon, K. Y. Cheung, T. Kuppusamy, S. A. Pawiro, L. E. Lubis, D. S. Soejoko, F. Haryanto, M. Endo, Y. Han, T. S. Suh, K. H. Ng, A. Luvsan-Ish, S. O. Maung, P. P. Chaurasia, S. M. A. Jafri, S. Farrukh, A. Peralta, H. J. Toh, S. Sarasanandarajah, A. C. Shiau, A. Krisanachinda, S. Suriyapee, S. Vinijsorn, T. C. Nguyen, Brief histories of medical physics in Asia-OceaniaAustralasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine 38, 381-398 (2015).
  5. Lukmanda Evan Lubis, Ika Bayuadi, Supriyanto Ardjo Pawiro, Kwan-Hoong Ng, Hilde Bosmans, Djarwani Soeharso Soejoko, Optimization of dose and image quality of paediatric cardiac catheterization procedurePhysica Medica 31, 659-668 (2015).
  6. T. Kron, H.A.  Azhari, E.O. Voon, K.Y. Cheung, P. Ravindran, D. Soejoko, K. Inamura, Y. Han, N.M. Ung, L. Bold, U.M. Win, R. Srivastava, J. Meyer, S. Farrukh, L. Rodriguez, M. Kuo, J.C.L. Lee, A. Kumara, C.C. Lee, A. Krisanachinda, X.C. Nguyen, K.H. Ng, Medical physics aspects of cancer care in the Asia Pacific region: 2011 survey results, Biomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal 8, 1-11 (2012).
  7. T. Kron, K.Y. Cheung, J. Dai, P. Ravindran, D. Soejoko, K. Inamura, J.Y. Song, L. Bold, R. Srivastava, L. Rodriguez, T.J. Wong, A. Kumara, C.C. Lee, A. Krisanachinda, X.C. Nguyen, K.H. Ng, Medical physics aspects of cancer care in the Asia Pacific region, Biomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal 4, 33 (2008). DOI: 10.2349/biij.4.3.e33
  8. D. S. Soejoko and M. O. Tjia, Infrared spectroscopy and X ray diffraction study on the morphological variations of carbonate and phosphate compounds in giant prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) skeletons during its moulting period, Journal of Materials Science 38, 2087-2093 (2003).

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