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Dr. Budhy Kurniawan is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Physics, University of Indonesia. Right now, he is serving as the Secretary of the Physics Department. Born in Jakarta on July 16, 1968, he received his bachelor and master degrees in the Department of Physics, University of Indonesia. His doctor degree was obtained in the field of material science from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Selected Publications:

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  1. S. D. Yudanto, Y. P. Dewi, A. Imaduddin, Y. Nakanishi, M. Yoshizawa, B. Kurniawan, A. Manaf, Improvement in the Crystallographic Phase Content and Superconducting Properties of Mechanically Alloyed MgB2, Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism  (2019).
  2. B. Kurniawan, S. Winarsih, A. Imaduddin, A. Manaf, Correlation between microstructure and electrical transport properties of La0.7(Ba1-xCax)0.3MnO3 (x = 0 and 0.03) synthesized by sol-gelPhysica B: Condensed Matter 532, 161-165 (2018).
  3. D. Nanto, B. Kurniawan, B. Soegijono, N. Ghosh, J.-S. Hwang, and S.-C. Yu, Critical exponent analysis of lightly germanium-doped La0.7Ca0.3Mn1-xGexO3 (x = 0.05 and x = 0.07)AIP Advances 8, 047204 (2018).
  4. S. Budi, B. Kurniawan, D. M. Mott, S. Maenosono, A. A. Umar, A. Manaf, Comparative trial of saccharin-added electrolyte for improving the structure of an electrodeposited magnetic FeCoNi thin filmThin Solid Films 642, 51-57 (2017).
  5. D. Nanto, H. Akbar, B. Soegijono, B. Kurniawan, N. Ghosh, J.-S. Hwang, S.-C. Yu, Temperature span of magnetocaloric effect in Nb-doped La0.7Ca0.3Mn1−xNbxO3 (x=0, 0.002 and 0.01)Physica B: Condensed Matter 526, 160-165 (2017).
  6. H.Nadhira, B. Kurniawan, H. Arifni, S. Ahmiatri, Structure and particle morphology characterization of La0.85Ba0.15Mn(1-x)TixO3, AIP Conference Proceedings 1554, 62-65 (2013).
  7. Y. E. Gunanto, A. Purwanto, B. Kurniawan, S. Poertadji, A. Fajar, H. Mugirahardjo, and W. A. Adi, The Influence of Cuu2010doping on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of La(0.73)Ca(0.27)Mn(1-x)Cu(x)O(3) (0 < x < 0.19), AIP Conference Proceedings 1415, 148-151 (2011).
  8. B. Kurniawan, H. Tanaka, K. Takatsu, W. Shiramura, T. Fukuda, H. Nojiri, and M. Motokawa, ESR Study of the Opening and Closing of the Field-Induced Gap in NH4CuCl3,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 1281-1284 (1999).
  9. B Kurniawan, M Ishikawa, T Kato, H Tanaka, K Takizawa, and T Goto, Novel three-dimensional magnetic ordering in the quantum spin system NH4CuCl3, J. Physics: Condens. Matter 11, 9073 (1999).
  10. Shiramura, Wakako; Takatsu, Ken-ichi; Kurniawan, Budhy; Tanaka, Hidekazu; Uekusa, Hidehiro; Ohashi, Yuji; Takizawa, Kohichi; Mitamura, Hiroyuki; Goto, Tsuneaki, Magnetization Plateaus in NH4CuCl3, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 67, 1548 (1998).
  11. H. Tanaka, W. Shiramura, T. Takatsu, B. Kurniawan, M. Takahashi, K. Kamishima, K. Takizawa, H. Mitamura, T. Goto, High-field magnetization processes of quantum double spin chain systems KCuCl3, TlCuCl3 and NH4CuCl3, Physica B: Condensed Matter 246, 230-233 (1998).

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