Prof. Dr. Anto Sulaksono

Prof. Dr. Anto Sulaksono is a lecturer and researcher at Department of Physics, FMIPA University of Indonesia since 1995. He was born in Jakarta on April 21, 1969. He graduated in 1992 from Department of Physics, University of Indonesia and earned his master degree also from the same Department in 1996. He received his doctor degree in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from Frankfurt University in 2002 under supervision of  Prof. Dr. J. A. Maruhn and Prof. Dr.h.c.mult W. Greiner. The title of his dissertation is “Ein Relativistisches Punktkopplungs Model: Formale Unterschungen und Anwendung Auf Uberschwere Kerne.”

His current research interests are quantum many body theories and their applications for finite nuclei and nuclear matter.

  1. Classical Field Theory
  2. Electromagnetic Field
  3. Nuclear Physics
Selected Publications
  1. B. N. Jayawiguna, I. Prasetyo, A. Sulaksono, and H. S. Ramadhan, Ultracompact object within a nonlocal Tolman VII model, Physical Review D 106, 104020 (2022).
  2. I. Prasetyo, H. Maulana, H. S. Ramadhan, A. Sulaksono, 2.6M​ Compact Object and Neutron Stars within Eddington-Inspired Born-Infeld Theory of Gravity, Physical Review D 104, 084029 (2021).
  3. M.L. Pattersons and A. Sulaksono, Mass correction and deformation of slowly rotating anisotropic neutron stars based on Hartle–Thorne formalism, European Physical Journal C 81, 698 (2021).
  4. N. Liliani, J. P. Diningrum, A. Sulaksono, Tensor and Coulomb-exchange terms in the relativistic mean-field model with δ-meson and isoscalar-isovector coupling, Physical Review C 104, 015804 (2021).
  5. I. Prasetyo, H. S. Ramadhan, A. Sulaksono, Ultra-compact objects from semi-classical gravity, Physical Review D 103, 123536 (2021).
  6. I. H. Belfaqih, H. Maulana, and A. Sulaksono, White dwarfs and generalized uncertainty principle, International Journal of Modern Physics D 30, 2150064 (2021).
  7. M. F. Alfian Rangga Sakti and A. Sulaksono, Dark energy stars with a phantom field, Physical Review D 103, 084042 (2021).
  8. R. B. Mann, I. Husin, H. Patel, M. Faizal, and A. Sulaksono, Testing Short Distance Anisotropy in Space, Scientific Reports 11, 7474 (2021).
  9. A. Rahmansyah, A. Sulaksono, A.B. Wahidin, A. M. Setiawan, Anisotropic neutron stars with hyperons: implication of the recent nuclear matter data and observations of neutron stars, European Physical Journal C 80, 769 (2020).
  10. A. S. Rosyadi, A. Sulaksono, H. A. Kassim, N. Yusof, Brown dwarfs in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld and beyond Horndeski theories,  European Physical Journal C 79, 1030 (2019).
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  15. A. B. Wahidin, A. Rahmansyah and A. Sulaksono, Effect of scalar boson on fermionic dark starsInternational Journal of Modern Physics D (in press 2019).
  16. C. Wibisono and A. Sulaksono, Information-entropic method for studying the stability bound of nonrelativistic polytropic stars within modified gravity theoriesInternational Journal of Modern Physics D 27,1850051 (2018).
  17. I. Prasetyo, I. Husin, A.I. Qauli, H.S. Ramadhan and A. Sulaksono, Neutron stars in the braneworld within the Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravityJournal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 01, 027 (2018).
  18. Suparti, A. Sulaksono and T. Mart, Influence of the nucleon radius on the properties of slowly rotating neutron starsPhysical Review C 95, 045806 (2017).
  19. N. Liliani, A. M. Nugraha, J. P.  Diningrum, A. Sulaksono, Impacts of the tensor couplings of ω and ρ mesons and Coulomb-exchange terms on superheavy nuclei and their relation to the symmetry energyPhysical Review C 93, 054322 (2016).
  20. H. Pais, A. Sulaksono, B. K. Agrawal, C. Providência, Correlation of the neutron star crust-core properties with the slope of the symmetry energy and the lead skin thicknessPhysical Review C 93, 045802 (2016).
  21. A. I. Qauli, M. Iqbal, A. Sulaksono, H. S. Ramadhan, Hyperons in neutron stars within an Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld theory of gravityPhys.Rev. D 93, 104056 (2016).
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  23. T. Mart and A. Sulaksono, Reply to “Comment on ‘Nonidentical protons’ “Physical Review C 93, 039802 (2016).
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