Prof. Dr. A. Harsono

Prof. Dr. A. Harsono Soepardjo, M.Eng. is a staff member at Department of Physics, FMIPA, University of Indonesia. He was born in Solo on July 7, 1951. He obtained his bachelor degree from University of Indonesia, master degree from Leuven University, and doctor degree from Mont Pellier II France with the topic Photovoltaic.
His current research interests are Photovoltaic, Material Physics, and Solar Energy. His title of his dissertation was Material Fabrication CuInSe2 Ingot or Thin Film with Prof. C. Linares as the supervisor. The topic of his research includes “Making the Ingot Mono Chrystal AgInSe2”.

Selected Publications

  • A.H. Soepardjo, Ingot Fabrication of Base Material for Solar Cell CuInSe2, Journal of Applied Sciences 9, 593-596 (2009).
  • A.H. Soepardjo, CuInSe2 thin film for solar cell by flash evaporation, MAKARA of Science Series 13, 2 (2009).

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