Handhika S. Ramadhan, Ph.D.

Handhika S. Ramadhan, Ph.D was born in Jakarta, July 10 1983. He received his bachelor in physics from Universitas Indonesia (UI) in 2005. He pursued his doctoral study in theoretical physics at Tufts University in Medford, Massachussetts, USA, and obtained his PhD in 2011 with the dissertation title “Higher-dimensional topological defects in cosmology” under the supervision of Prof. Jose Juan Blanco-Pillado.

After a temporary appointment at Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), since 2013 Dr. Ramadhan has been a permanent faculty member at the Department of Physics at UI. His research interests include: topological defects and instantons in cosmology, modified gravity theories, classical and quantum aspects of black holes, and semiclassical gravity in compact objects.

  1. Mathematical Methods in Physics
  2. Classical Mechanics
  3. Electrodynamics
  4. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
  5. Group Theory in Physics
  6. Classical Field Theory
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